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Horizontal color image of light-skinned human figure in front of an abstracted, barely visible blue landscape painting, wearing a black tank top, and holding an open book towards the viewer. The book is opened to show two of its interior pages: the left page shows a full-bleed image of a marble floor,and sand gravel, on top of which are yellow flowers emerging from the fold; the right page shows a black and white image of left-leaning trees in full foliage, centered on the page with 25% of white space around the image.

"The Photobook Exhibition"
Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece.
June 14-July 29, 2017

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Horizontal color image of six color photographs in a grid. Each photograph is of a small business storefront. Top row, right to left: a boarded up shop, an awning sign that reads 'City Sliquors', a reflection on a yellow wall of the restaurant's window sign saying 'Viva'. Bottom row, right to left: window reflection showing Afghani neon sign, brick storefront with flat hand-painted sign for 'Philios Monuments', pink storefront display with decorative latticed windows, and 'Daves Shoes' on the old awning.

"Tongue Tide"
Flux Factory
July 6-30, 2017

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Book cover for 8.5x11 inch glossy 'No Indictment.' Image taken at night on public a street, pointed at the viewer is a bright shining light and two orange safety cones are visible.

No Indictment, 2017

"AWAKE! Liberty Resistance Protest Library," A 10x10 Photobooks Evolving Reading Room: PGH Photo Fair, Carnegie Museum of Art, May 2017; Magnum Foundation, June 2017; Image Text Ithaca, July 2017.

Video poster for 'Mass Swell,' image shows an abstracted face of a person of color facing the camera in front of another body of color. The video title is written in black sans serif type in the middle of the image.

Mass Swell, 2016

Official Selection: DOCS Without Borders Film Festival, May 2016

Official Selection: DOC NYC Film Festival. IFC Theater NY, NY USA.
November 14, 2016

"I Can't Breathe" exhibition, in memory of Eric Garner. Curated by Siona Wilson, featuring Nona Faustine, Patricia Silva, Kara Walker, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa. Art Gallery at CUNY College of Staten Island.
April 11-May 14th, 2016

Video poster for 'Self and Others' image shows a very abstracted blue-toned image of a human figure in motion. The video title is written in white sans serif typeface towards the top of the image, placed over the human head of the figure.

Self and Others, 2015

Official Selection: Art Video International Film Festival, Cannes, France. May, 2017

The Inaugural New York Feminist Film Week, Anthology Film Archives, New York, USA. March 2017

Antimatter Media Art Film Festival. Deluge Contemporary Art Center at Victoria BC, Canada. October 2016

Official Selection: Beyond the Blue Sky Film Festival. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. September 2016

Official Selection: Rio Gender & Sexuality Film Festival. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. July 2016

Official Selection: Golden Reel International Underground Film Festival. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. May 2016

Official Selection: British Film Institute: 30th Annual Flare Film Festival. London, UK. March 2016